Benefits of Threading Over Other Hair Removal Techniques

Benefits of Threading Over Other Hair Removal Techniques

Threading is one of the ancient techniques of body hair removal. Initiated in Turkey, it has gained widespread popularity from the Middle East to West. Threading involves the specialist rolling twisted cotton threads over hairlines to take out any unwanted hair. Typically, the practitioner carries one end of a cotton thread between the teeth while the other in the left hand. The central part of the thread is twisted through the index and middle fingers of the right hand. The loop traps undesired hair so it can be quickly and easily pulled from the skin. Threading requires a great skill that can take up to several hours of practice to master. Since the procedure is difficult, its best to find a salon with good repute that ensures you will get the proficient threading artists. Let’s walk through some of the benefits that why you should prefer threading over other hair removal techniques.

No Chemicals

Contrasting other hair removal techniques, threading does not involve any chemicals. It requires only a soft cotton thread. If you have a sensitive skin that is more susceptible to painfulness or itchiness, you would especially benefit from this all-natural technique. No chemical substances or heat are used so you are less likely to have an adversative reaction. At Galaxy Beauty, we strongly believe in organic beauty care. Some people may find spots on the skin after threading, therefore, effective hygiene should be practiced by using clean string every time and sanitizing the skin prior to it.


Possibly one significant benefit of threading over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with perfect precision. One can target the individual hairs; though multiple hairs can also be eliminated. The accuracy of tweezing along with waxing removes hairs instantaneously. It allows beautician to develop the natural arch of your eyebrow since they have very close access to hair growth and is done individually.

Save Time

Tweezing your eyebrow hair can take an infinity. Luckily, threading resolves this issue by eliminating numerous hairs at a time. The threading professional modestly weave the thread through the unwanted hairs. The quick process is repeated until the anticipated eyebrow shape is accomplished. Eyebrow threading hardly takes 15 minutes to complete thereby saving your precious time.

Long Lasting

You might be thinking how long does threading last? For most people, it takes about 2-5 weeks depending on the individual. Another important thing to consider is that threading weakens hair follicles resulting in less hair growth. The more you will get your eyebrows threaded, the finer hair will grow and it is less likely that you will need to thread your hairs more often.

Less Pain

Many people often assume that threading is much painful as it takes longer while waxing is instant. Since threading offers optimal precision results so people are prepared to get the flavor of some pain and efficient results.

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