Top 9 Chic and Cool Haircuts for Girls

Top 9 Chic and Cool Haircuts for Girls

Being young is certainly the most beautiful phase of life when you are eager to experiment with your look, try on trendy hairstyles and look stunning in any way. Take a look at these top 9 haircuts for girls and choose a special one for yourself.

1 Clean Bob Haircut

Short hair for young girls looks as cute as a classic. A delicate and blonde bob is pure flawlessness and easy to maintain on your little kid. It’s just a matter of air-drying and walking out the door. As a mom with a toddler girl, “easy” is the magical word and so do this hairstyle.

2 Long Blunt Cute with Surface Layers

This sure is a cool haircut for girls with long hair. Undeniably, this is as eye-catching than many similar adult hairstyles. If your little one wants long hair, let her grow it. It’s beautiful to see those fabulous looks even if it requires additional time for styling. Imagine the number of hairstyles she will be able to try.

3 Messy Choppy Bob

Short haircuts for girls can embrace trendy and look modern as opposed to the boring classic hairstyle. You can consider choosing choppy messy bob instead of s simple A-line. The idea especially goes fit to the point for teenage girls who may prefer to be rebels at this age.

4 Medium Blunt Haircut

Looking for something sleeker? The blunt medium haircut will look naturally curved and put together. This is an ideal haircut for pre-teens and teens. The hair falls right past the shoulders and is convenient to style especially for straight thick hair. The cut is smooth and therefore it looks great with bangs.

5 A little Layered Locks

Faint layering at the lowest of a chin-length haircut and a soft lengthening near the front can make a perfect unbalanced bob. Your girl will unconditionally love it!

6 Chic Flowy Bob

You can look gorgeous at any age and it may also start with a modish long bob cut. The extended front pieces help the hair fall gorgeously at the shoulders while at the same time spicing up the bobbed style. Long side bangs flowing smoothly into the rest of the layers just fit flawlessly.

7 Feather Fine Hair

Young girls will surely love this light and layered haircut. It makes morning untangling sessions easier than ever. Instead of long hair that ends up looking messier for its fine texture, this feather style will keep fine strands under control.

8 Tapered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

Does your kid want something a little more extreme and edge? Fortunately, it’s never too late for a great pixie cut. This funky style will still look girlish with some cool feathered side bangs. The texturized cut will show off natural highlights and encourage smooth movement and flow in the hair.

9 Long Platinum Locks

If you are tired of the same old bob, you can go for this simple haircut. This is easy in creation and maintenance but does wonders overall. You may stick to straight blond hair reaching new levels of the adorability with the addition of bangs.

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