Trendy Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Trendy Hairstyles for Women Over 40

There are many exquisite hairstyles & hairstyle services for women above 40 years of age that you can always mix and match for a new look. A lot of women often say that they are confident in their 40s compared to 30s. So remember this is the best time to explore new hairstyles and express your personality. In addition to the trendy hairstyles, it’s about YOU – Confident and Fabulous!  

Short Haircut with a Twist

This is definitely a great length since it offers you with so many options and is fun to play with. You can do a lot with this haircut whether to add waves, curve bangs across your face, or blow it out straight. As the length is short so it won’t drag your face down.

Short Textured Bob

Many women loved this haircut because it’s one of the easy wash-and-wear hairstyles. It adds fun textured layers and a light appearance. The look of this haircut requires minimal styling. You may want to use a hair cream such as Oribe AirStyle or Flexible Finish Cream to beauty the layers and bring out the hair texture with a satin finish.

Long and Textured hair

When it comes to low-maintenance hairstyle for women, regular trims are important to keep your hair look young and healthy at any age. You can pull off this beautiful look as all it needs is some proper care.

Medium Length Pixie

This is a very powerful and androgynous haircut that can be matched with a confident woman after all confidence comes with age. Also, this cut is long enough to add a feminine feel.

Edgy Bowl

The bold edgy cut looks chic for a strong working woman who is looking for a cool yet put-together hairstyle. This hair cut comes with structured and improved lines. We all love such easy hairstyles since they require even less than 5 minutes.

Face-framing Layers

The hairstyle adds a youthful appearance by making your face rounder and full. This is a stylish upgrade to a standard hairstyle for long hair. It features long layers that take away weight and give out an ultimate personality and movement. Merging in face-framing layers creates a pleasing focal point that carries life to long hair. You can also add fringe or bangs to balance a wide forehead whereas side fringe accompaniments a short forehead. This hairstyle works with all face shapes and hair textures.

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