Morrocan Bath Services In UAE

Morrocan Bath Services In UAE

The Moroccan Bath service is a primitive spa facility that is being successfully practiced for centuries in the Middle East, Greece, and other parts of Europe. We are proud to be a top salon in Dubai offering this luxurious service. The Moroccan bath is perfect for any individual who wants a clear, hydrated, and soft body skin. For this service, a traditional Moroccan black soap is applied to penetrate into the skin in a steam bath and help hydrate and nurture the skin. Our Moroccan therapist will begin with a refreshing exfoliation. An exclusive Jelly soap is massaged over the body for further cleansing prior to finishing off with a final mask. Relax and Enjoy!

Moroccan Bath
180 AED
Duration  :  90 min
Moroccan Bath Full Body Massage
360 AED
Duration  :  150 min
Moroccan Bath with Full Body Mask
360 AED
Duration  :  130 min

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